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Ativan should be taken exactly as prescribed by the doctor. This medicine should neither be taken in smaller quantities nor in larger doses. It should not be taken for smaller duration or for larger duration. It should be taken just as your doctor has prescribed. It is important that you follow directions on the prescription label. The doctor, according to your conditions can occasionally change the dose. Here are some of the instructions that can help you in knowing how you should take Ativan.

There is a special dose-measuring cup or spoon which should be used for measuring the liquid Ativan. Do not make use of regular tablespoon. In case you do not have any dose-measuring instrument, it is good to ask your pharmacist about it.
Ativan is usually only prescribed for a shorter duration. It should never be exceeded beyond 4 months without doctor's recommendation or prescription. You should never share your medication with any other person, especially with someone who has history of addiction or drug abuse.
Ativan should never be stopped suddenly. Your doctor can reduce the dosage initially and eventually can withdraw the medicine gradually. Withdrawal symptoms of the medication can include sweating, tremors, stomach pain, muscle cramps as well as vomiting.
It is important to ensure that Ativan is not leading to any harmful effects in your body. Ensure that your doctor keeps checking the progress of your health on regular basis. Scheduled visit to the healthcare provider should never be missed while you are on Ativan medication. Ativan should be stored at normal room temperature away from the light, heat or moisture. Liquid Ativan should be stored in refrigerator.

What happens if you miss the dose?
In case you missed a dose it needs to be taken as and when you remember it, but if time came to take the new dose, let it remain missed and go back to your schedule. Do not ever take extra pill or liquid to compensate the missed dose.
What happens if you overdose?
In case you overdose on Ativan, medical attention should be taken immediately. Overdose of Ativan can be extremely dangerous and sometimes even fatal. Overdose symptoms include confusion, drowsiness, fainting, muscle weakness and even coma!